Wednesday, April 27, 2011

You can't take a napa in NAPA part 3

Sunday equals Funday!

Sunday we divided into groups and headed to the spa. BEST. MASSAGE. EVER. After we changed into our robes to wait, they gave us a glass a champagne to sip before. Who wouldn't have a glass of champagne at 9 am? The spa was in  what looked like a cave, which was super cool!

After, the spa we were all starving so we took showers and headed to Gott's. Let me tell you that if you,  if you enjoy a good burger and fries, this is your place! It was seriously the best!!! After we stuffed our faces, we went to the Oxbow Market. It was like an indoors farmers market. Since, it was rainy and nasty outside we decided to get some wine and goodies from the market and take this party in doors to the hotel room. BEST IDEA!  We ended up drinking wine, eating a spread of meat, cheese, and berries, and laughing our heads off. I believe that we even had a little bit of a dance party. It was sooo much fun to just sit in the room, talk about the past, present and future. Since, we danced our booty's off we worked up a little appetite, so we headed to the hotel bar to eat. It was so yummy, and so much fun! I was so sad for this trip to be over! I have never imagined this would be where I would have my bachelorette party, but it was AWESOME! I am so blessed with the best friends and girl could ask for.
Kristin, I know I have told you a million times, but thank you for planning such an amazing trip! I know you worked your butt off, and it was very obvious. Everyone had a great time! Thank you!!


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